Tulipa cv. ‘Columbus’

Tulipa cv. ‘Columbus’

Division: Double Early


Leaves: Spring ephemeral

Flowers:  Showy, Fragrant

Color: Rose/Mauve and White/Near White

Flower Time: Spring

Underground structures: Bulb

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Rose hip: Fruit of the rose plant


^ Rosa foliolosa: Leafy Rose

The rose hip, also known as rose haw or rose hep, is the fruit of the rose plant, that typically is red-to-orange, but ranges from dark purple to black in some species. Rose hips begin to form after successful pollination of flowers in spring or early summer, and ripen in late summer through autumn.


Rose hips are used for tisanes, jam, jelly, syrup, soup, beverages, pies, bread, wine, and marmalade. They can also be eaten raw, like a berry, if care is used to avoid the hairs inside the fruit.

Rose hips are particularly high in vitamin C content, one of the richest plant sources available.

Rose hips are used to help prevent colds and influenza.

Rose hips contain plenty of lycopene, an important and strong antioxidant that prevents oxidation of low density lipoprotein [LDL] as well as of many cellular membranes.

Rose hips also contain some vitamin A and B, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant flavonoids.

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Source: Wikipedia

Rosa ‘Radrazz’ KNOCK OUT: Shrub Rose

Rosaceae [the rose family] is a medium-sized family of flowering plants, including about 2830 species in 95 genera.



Common Name: shrub rose. ~ Flowers: Showy Flowers, Fragrant Flowers. ~ Leaves: Good Fall Color. ~ Wildlife: Attracts Butterflies.

KNOCK OUT is a compact shrub rose that typically grows to 3-4’ tall and as wide. It is best noted for its ability to bloom in as little as 3 hours per day of direct sun with excellent disease resistance. Features single, lightly fragrant blooms to 3.5” diameter. Flowers are followed by orange-red hips. Foliage is dark purplish-green in summer, turning purple to burgundy in fall.

Photos: Atlanta Botanical GardenAtlantaGeorgiaUSA  [20130913]

Sources: Missouri Botanical GardenWikipedia

‘Gartendirektor Otto Linne’ rose: Pink Rose

Rosaceae [the rose family] is a medium-sized family of flowering plants, including about 2830 species in 95 genera.


Deep pink Shrub. ~ Registration name: Gartendirektor Otto Linne ~ Bred by Peter Lambert, Germany, 1934.

Lambertiana, Polyantha, Shrub.  Carmine-pink, white center, darker edges.  Mild fragrance.  Full [26-40 petals], cluster-flowered, in large clusters bloom form. Armed with thorns / prickles, bushy, upright.  Glossy, leathery foliage. Plant height of 4′ to 5′ [120 to 150 cm], width of 3′ [90 cm].

Photo: Atlanta Botanical GardenAtlantaGeorgiaUSA  [20130913]

Sources: www.helpmefind.comWikipedia

Salvia greggii: Autumn Sage

Salvia greggii [Autumn sage] is a herbaceous perennial native to a long, narrow area from southwest Texas, through the Chihuahuan Desert and into the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, typically growing in rocky soils at elevations from 5,000 to 9,000 ft [1,500 to 2,700 m]. It was named and described in 1870 by botanist Asa Gray after Josiah Gregg [1806 – 1850], a merchant, explorer, naturalist, and author of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico who found and collected the plant in Texas.


^ Salvia greggii ‘Coronado Pink’

It is closely related to and frequently hybridizes with Salvia microphylla. Contrary to its common name, it blooms throughout the summer and autumn.

Salvia greggii is a highly variable plant, with numerous named cultivars, reaching anywhere from 1 to 4 ft [0.30 to 1.2 m] in height and less in width. It can be either upright or mounding. The leaves are typically mid-green and glabrous, tending to be less than 1 in [2.5 cm] long, and with a spicy fragrance. Flower size and color are extremely variable. Flowers reach from .25 to 1 in [0.64 to 2.5 cm] in length, and include many shades of scarlet and red [most common in the wild], along with rose, white, pink, lavender, apricot, and violet.

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Source: Wikipedia

Mary Rose ® [Ausmary]

One of the most widely grown English Roses. It forms a good bushy shrub with attractive, loose-petalled formation of rose pink coloring and delicious fragrance is of Old Rose character, with a hint of honey and almond blossom.

The meanings of light pink color of Rose according to floriography [language of flowers] are  desire, passion, joy of life, youth, energy 🙂

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Source: David Austin Roses