Camellias, Winter Blooming Shrubs

During the bleak days of winter, when many plants are dormant, Camellias dress up the landscape with their elegant flowers; dark, lustrous, evergreen foliage, and various leaf shapes and textures.

Below are various colors of Camellia blooms from Anyes‘ garden in Brookhaven, Georgia. Enjoy!

DSCF8360 400copy DSCF8364 400copy

DSCF8373 400copy DSCF8380 400copy DSCF8372 400copy DSCF8387 400copy

DSCF8398 400copy DSCF8408 400copy

DSCF8422 400copy DSCF8425 400copy

DSCF8460 400copy DSCF8466 400copy

DSCF8481 400copy DSCF8489 400copy

DSCF8490 400copy

Photos: BrookhavenGeorgia. 20121207