Oranges: Part of Chinese New Year tradition.

It is part of the Chinese New Year’s well wishes. In Chinese the color orange is 橙 chéng & the sound is the same as 成 chéng in 成功 chéng gōng [=success, to succeed]. The orange fruit is called 桔子 jú zi;  桔 jú sounds like 吉 jí means lucky.

Outside of businesses and in homes you can find small trees full of oranges this time of year. Generally these oranges are not eaten, they’re just for decoration.


There are many varieties of oranges used for this occasion but Mandarin or tangerine are mostly used.


Ushering the year of Snake 🙂


This plant arrangement is about 6 feet tall, looks like a bonsai.


These are big lemons!


Delicious juicy Calamansi.

The Calamondin bears a small citrus fruit that is used to flavor foods and drinks.




Buddha’s hand. The fruit has an intense fragrance, but very little flesh, juice or seeds.


Kumquats or cumquats are a group of small fruit-bearing trees in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, either forming the genus Fortunella, or placed within Citrus sensu lato. The edible fruit closely resembles that of the orange (Citrus sinensis), but it is much smaller and ovular, being approximately the size and shape of an olive.

Photo: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay,  Singapore, 20130124

Source: Wikipedia


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