Telicota colon stinga: Common Palm Dart Butterfly

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Subspecie:  Telicota colon stinga [Malacca]

Telicota colon, commonly known as the pale palm dart or pale-orange darter, is a butterfly belonging to the family Hesperiidae.

The larvae are known to feed on Bambusa striata and Ochlandra travancorica.

Photos: Pasir Ris Park and Nature Reserve, Singapore [20160228]

Source: Wikipedia


Suastus gremius gremius: Palm Bob Butterfly

Suastus gremius gremius, Palm Bob butterfly, belongs to family Hesperiidae.
One animal’s trash is some other creature’s treasure 😉  — A Palm Bob and a small bee are devouring bird dropping.
Photo: AHBT, Singapore 20120616
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