Dendrophthoe pentandra: Malayan Mistletoe

DSCN3783 400copy

Dendrophthoe pentandra is a dicotyledonous plant species in the genus Dendrophthoe and family Loranthaceae.

Malayan Mistletoe [Dendrophthoe pentandra] a very common parasitic plant in Singapore that attaches to the branches of many trees.

DSCN3790 400copy

Many birds, insects and aboreal mammals build their nests among mistletoes. Also, a very wide variety of animals feed on the leaves, shoots, fruits [called pseudo berries as they lack true ovules], flowers and nectar of mistletoes.

DSCN3786 400copy

Malayan Mistletoe [Dendrophthoe pentandra] is host plant of Painted Jezebel [Delias hyparete metarete] butterfly.

Photos taken from 8th storey flat about 20m above the ground.

Photos: Sembawang Road, YishunSingapore [20160401]

Source: The Tide Chaser


2 responses to “Dendrophthoe pentandra: Malayan Mistletoe

    • This plant is a ‘parasite’. It grows on other trees or plants. It is common in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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