Danaus chrysippus: Plain Tiger Butterfly

DSCN7432 400copy

Danaus chrysippus, also known as the plain tiger or African monarch, is a medium-sized [wingspan of about 7–8 centimetres or 2.8–3.1 in] butterfly widespread in Asia and Africa. It belongs to the Danainae [Milkweed butterflies] subfamily of the brush-footed butterfly family, Nymphalidae. Its coloration is mimicked by multiple species.

DSCN7485 400copy

The plain tiger is believed to be one of the first butterflies to be used in art. A 3500-year-old Egyptian fresco in Luxor features the oldest illustration of this species.

Photos: Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital garden, Yishun, Singapore [201660218]

Source: Wikipedia

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