Contopus virens: Eastern wood pewee

DSCF2846 400copy

The eastern wood pewee [Contopus virens] is a small tyrant flycatcher from North America. This bird and the western wood pewee [Contopus sordidulus] were formerly considered to be a single species. The two species are virtually identical in appearance, and can be distinguished most easily by their calls.

DSCF2858 400copy

Their breeding habitat is deciduous, mixed woods, or pine plantations in eastern North America. These birds migrate to Central America and in the Andes region of northern South America.

DSCF2884 400copy

They feed on insects and other arthropods. Wood pewees wait on a perch at a middle height in a tree and fly out to catch prey in flight, sometimes hovering to pick it from vegetation.

Photos: Chamblee, GA, USA [20150815]

Source: Wikipedia


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