Hemaris diffinis: Snowberry clearwing moth

DSCF9980 400copy DSCF9984 400copy DSCF9988 400copy

The snowberry clearwing [Hemaris diffinis] is a moth of the order Lepidoptera, family Sphingidae.

It is about 32–51 millimetres [1.25–2 in]. The moth’s abdomen has yellow and black segments much like those of the bumblebee, for whom it might be mistaken due to its color and flight pattern similarities. The moth’s wings lack the large amount of scales found in most other lepidopterans, particularly in the centralized regions, making them appear clear. It loses the scales on its wings early after the pupa stage by its highly active flight tendencies. It flies during the daylight much like the other hummingbird moths, but it may also continue flight into the evening, particularly if it has found a good source of nectar.

Photos: Chamblee, GA, USA [20150725]

Source: Wikipedia

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