Renantanda ‘Akihito’ orchid

DSCF7539 400copy

So vibrant, confident, yet sweet.

DSCF7542 400copy

This orchid was named in honour of Emperor Akihito of Japan during his visit in 1970.

Renantanda ‘Akihito’ = Vanda ‘Manila’ x Ranantanda coccinea

× Renantanda, abbreviated Rntda. in the horticultural trade, is the nothogenus for intergeneric hybrid x between the orchid genera Renanthera and Vanda. Its parent plants are both endangered, and have separate breeding seasons, so this hybrid is incredibly rare. Because of that, it is highly marketable, and is collected by amateur and professional florists alike.

Photos: National Orchid Garden, Singapore [20150326]

Source: Wikipedia


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