Miltonia sp.: Orchid

Miltonia, abbreviated Milt. in the horticultural trade. Miltonia species have large and long lasting flowers, often in multifloral inflorescences.

DSCF3813 400copy

DSCF3815 400copy

These orchids have two leaves, arising from a pseudobulbs, covered with a foliaceous sheath. The inflorescence consists of waxy, nonspurred flowers. The lip is large and flat and lacks a callus at its base. They possess a footless column with two hard pollinia. The flowers have a delicate, exotic scent, some compare to that of roses.

They are named after Charles Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 5th Earl Fitzwilliam, formerly Viscount Milton, an English orchid enthusiast.

The species in this genus are sometimes confused with the pansy orchids, but it is the other Miltoniopsis orchids that have flowers that closely resemble the pansy.

Miltonia looks more like Oncidium than the real pansy orchids.

Miltoniopsis is the pansy orchid with huge showy flowers. They grow in cooler climates and are more challenging to grow than miltonias.

Photos: Cloud ForestGardens by the Bay, Singapore [20150515]

Source: Wikipedia


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