Typhonium flagelliforme: Rodent tuber

Common name: Rodent Tuber, Keladi Tikus, Tu Ban Xia or Lao Shu Yu

Botanical name: Typhonium flagelliforme

Rodent tuber is a herbal plant which grows up to 30cm in height. It has an oblong whitish tuber, triangular leaves ad a spathe. Rodent Tuber grows wild in wasteland and is native to the South East Asian countries. It is commonly used to provide relief in cough and asthma.

Rodent tuber plant is mild, tastes bitter and is slightly toxic. It can detoxicate, reduce swelling, get rid of boils and pus, stop bleeding, ease pain and is effective in the treatment of lymphatic problems. Farmers speak of this herbs’ effectivity in detoxification. Rodent tuber can cleanse the system of accumulated toxicity, ease urination and bowel movement and generally clean up the digestive system. Taking it would also increase one’s appetite, improve health, revitalize the person who would tire easily.

As a medicinal plant, rodent tuber is also used as traditional remedy for treating different types of malignancy: breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, leukaemia and liver cancer.

DSCF0470 400copy

DSCF1120 400copy

A decade ago a friend gave me 4 small poly bags of Rodent tuber plants. It has grown not only in designated pots but also in many parts of mom’s garden.

Photos: Mom’s garden, JakartaIndonesia [20150430, 20150504]

Source: cancerhelps.com


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