Thryothorus ludovicianus: Carolina wren

DSCF8990 400copy

The Carolina wren [Thryothorus ludovicianus] is a common species of wren, resident in the eastern half of the USA, the extreme south of Ontario, Canada, and the extreme northeast of Mexico.

Typically 12.5 to 14 cm [4.9 to 5.5 in] with a 29 cm [11 in] wingspan and a weight of about 18 to 23 g [0.63 to 0.81 oz], it is a fairly large wren.

DSCN2667 400copy

These birds prefer sites with dense undergrowth, either in mixed forests or in wooded suburban settings, in a natural or artificial cavity. The nest is a bulky, often domed structure, with a small hole towards the top. Nests of the more domestically-inclined wrens have been reported in a great variety of nooks and crannies in, about, or under buildings of various kinds, under bridges, or in holes in any structure such as a porch, fence-post, flowerpot, tree, house or barn. Almost any kind of receptacle may offer an acceptable nesting site.

Photo: Chamblee, GA, USA, [20141009, 20151202]

Source: Wikipedia


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