Eupatorium perfoliatum: Boneset

Eupatorium perfoliatum or [Common] Boneset is a common perennial plant native to the Eastern United States and Canada, with a range from Nova Scotia to Florida, as well as from Louisiana and Texas through North Dakota. It is also called “agueweed”, “feverwort” or “sweating-plant”. It was introduced to American colonists by Indians who used the plant for breaking fevers by means of heavy sweating. It is nearly always found in low, wet areas and is often found near Phalaris arundinacea [Reed canary grass].

DSCF6168 400copy

^ Silver-spotted Skipper [Epargyreus clarus ] feeding on Eupatorium perfoliatum

The Eupatorium perfoliatum plant grows about 1m tall, with leaves that clasp the stems and dense clusters of white heads held above the foliage.

Eupatorium perfoliatum is a one of the Butterfly food and host plant.

Photo: Chamblee, Georgia, USA  [201400807]

Source: Wikipedia

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