Heliconius hortense: Mexican Longwing

The Mexican Longwing, Mexican Heliconian, or Mountain Longwing [Heliconius hortense] is a Heliconiid butterfly.

DSCF6938 400copy

The basic color of the uppersides of the wings is black, with a vertical white band on the forewings and an horizontal red band on the hindwings. The undersides are dark brown, with a white band on the forewings and a few red spots at the base of the hindwings. The adults feed on pollens and live up to 6 months. Females usually lay yellow eggs singly on shoots of various host plants, mainly Passiflora species, of which caterpillars primarily feed.

Heliconius hortense occurs in East and West Mexico and from Honduras to Ecuador.

This species can be found in cloud forest from sea level to 2,300 m.

Photo: Florida Museum of Natural History, Butterfly Rainforest, Gainesville, Florida  [20140727]

Source: Wikipedia


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