Heliconius hewitsoni: Hewitson’s Longwing

DSCF6797 400copy

Hewitson’s Longwing occurs on the Pacific Slope of western Panama and Costa Rica. The wings are black with two white forewing stripes and one white hindwing stripe. The underside is similar, but with small red patches close to the body. Adults have a fast flight, and can be found in forests, usually within the canopy. Females gather in groups to lay eggs together.

The caterpillars are yellow and green, and feed on passion vine [Passifloraceae]. They pupate in groups in pale yellow to pale brown chrysalis covered in black veins and spines.

Photo: Florida Museum of Natural History, Butterfly Rainforest, Gainesville, Florida  [20140727]

Source: Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, Wikipedia

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