Dodecatheon dentatum: Shooting Stars


Dodecatheon dentatum is a species of flowering plant in the family Primulaceae, known by the common names white shooting star and toothed American cowslip. It is native to the Pacific Northwest of North America, including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


DSC03332 400copy

It is an herbaceous perennial growing to 40–50 cm [16–20 in] in height. The leaves have pointed oval blades with wavy or toothed edges. Each is borne on a long, winged petiole. The inflorescence contains 1 to 12 flowers. It arises on a tall, erect flowering stalk. The flower corolla has five white lobes. They are reflexed away from the flower’s center, which contains one style surrounded by large reddish, purplish or black anthers containing pollen.

Photo: Georgia Perimeter College, Atlanta, GA [20060419]

Source: Wikipedia

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