Habenaria rhodocheila: Red-Lipped Habenaria Orchid


Flower Size 1 1/2″ [3.75 cm]


Habenaria rhodocheila is a showy, small sized, terrestrial or lithophyte species of orchid growing on mossy rocks in mixed deciduous forests, grassy pine forests or bamboo forests often near streams and waterfalls at elevations of 200 to 1,300 meters with bulbous or fleshy roots and a stem with 1 to 2 below and 3 to 4 above, linear-lanceolate, attenuate into a petiole below, acuminate or mucronate at the apex leaves with about 10 flowers on a terminal, to about 2′ [60 cm] long, erect, several  flowered raceme with long-lasting, color variable flowers and ovate bracts and is a cool to hot growing plant from South East China, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Photos: Orchid Display HouseAtlanta Botanical GardenAtlantaGeorgiaUSA  [20130913]

Source: www.orchidspecies.com


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