Dendrochilum magnum: Large Dendrochilum Orchid


Dendrochilum magnum is a species of orchid, commonly known as the Large Dendrochilum, endemic to Philippines.

Dendrochilum is a genus of epiphytic, lithophytic and a few terrestrial flowering plants in the orchid family [Orchidaceae]. The name of this genus is derived from Ancient Greek words dendron = tree, and either cheilos = lip or chilos = green food, alluding to either the flowers’ large lip or to their epiphytic growth. These orchids are popular among fans of non-traditional orchid curiosities.

They are distributed at higher elevations in the humid rainforests throughout the Malesian region, with some in the surrounding lands; thus they occur from Southeast Asia to New Guinea. But most species are found on Borneo or the Philippines.


This genus produces miniature, fragrant, star-shaped flowers that are generally produced in two rows on erect or arching pendant, many-flowered racemes.

Photos: Orchid Display HouseAtlanta Botanical GardenAtlantaGeorgiaUSA  [20130913]

Source: Wikipedia


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