Nepeta × faassenii: Catmint

Nepeta × faassenii, a flowering plant also known as garden catmint and Faassen’s catnip, is a primary hybrid of garden origin. The parent species are Nepeta racemosa and Nepeta nepetella.

DSCF8492 400copy

It is an herbaceous perennial, with oval, opposite, intricately-veined, gray—green leaves, on square stems. The foliage is fragrant. It grows from 1–2 feet [30–61 cm] tall by 1–3 feet [30–91 cm] wide.

DSCF8491 400copy

The plant produces small but showy, abundant, two-lipped, trumpet-shaped, soft lavender flowers, from spring through autumn.

Photos: Atlanta Botanical GardenAtlantaGeorgiaUSA  [20130913]

Source: Wikipedia

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