Crinum eboracii: ‘Pecan Tree Inn’ Crinum Lily

DSCF8386 400copy

Crinum x eboracii refers to hybrids produced by crossing C. bulbispermum and C. asiaticum.

DSCF8391 400copy

C. x eboracii has a reputation for easy, fast growth and for reflowering.

Crinum sp.

Crinum is a genus of about 180 species of perennial plants that have large showy flowers on leafless stems, and develop from bulbs. They are found along the sides of streams and lakes in tropical and subtropical areas worldwide.

Crinum leaves are basal, typically long and strap-shaped, with colors ranging from light green to green.

Several species are used in aquariums.

History of the Pecan Tree Inn.

Photos: Atlanta Botanical GardenAtlantaGeorgiaUSA  [20130913]

Source: Wikipedia, Marcelle’s Crinums


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