Hieracium lachenalii: Hawkweed

Hieracium lachenalii also known as common hawkweed or yellow hawkweed is a woodland perennial that makes its home in fields and on roadsides. It belongs in the genus Hieracium of the family Asteraceae.


This common weed can grow and produce flowers on plants that range from 4 inches [10 centimeters] to 36 inches [1 meter] tall. The rhizome is short and stout. The flower heads have only petal-bearing ligulate [ray] florets and lack non-petal bearing tubular or disc florets [such as seen in the center of the sunflower head], each petal is a complete flower in itself, not lacking stamens. The pale yellow flowers are produced during all of the summer months.

Photo: Candler ParkAtlantaGeorgiaUSA [20130812]

Source: Wikipedia


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