Abelia grandiflora: Glossy Abelia


Evergreen: Yes

Size: Small, Medium

Bloom Period:  Summer, Spring

Bloom Color:    Pink, White

Exposure: Sun, Part Shade

Category: Shrubs


Abelia grandiflora is a drought tolerant shrub that produces small bell shaped flowers that bloom from late spring through fall.  These flowers are white or light pink, slightly fragrant, and bloom on terminal clusters.  The dark green glossy leaves are ovate in shape and no more than one inch long.  The small leaves arrangement are opposite along the arching stems and often turn a bronze color in the fall.

Abelia sp.

Abelia is a genus of about 15-30 species and many hybrids in family Caprifoliaceae. Abelias are shrubs from 1–6 m tall, native to eastern Asia [Japan west to the Himalaya] and southern North America; the species from warm climates are evergreen, and colder climate species deciduous. The leaves are opposite or in whorls of three, ovate, glossy, dark green, 1.5–8 cm long, turning purplish-bronze to red in autumn in the deciduous species. The flowers appear in the upper leaf axils and stem ends, 1-8 together in a short cyme; they are pendulous, white to pink, bell-shaped with a five-lobed corolla, 1–5 cm long, and usually scented. Flowering continues over a long and continuous period from late spring to fall.

Photos: Candler ParkAtlantaGeorgiaUSA [20130812]

Source: Wikipedia


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