Epargyreus clarus: Silver-spotted Skipper

The Silver-spotted Skipper [Epargyreus clarus] is a butterfly of the family Hesperiidae. It claimed to be the most recognized skipper in North America.

DSCF7260 400copy

The wingspan of an adult is 43–67 mm. The adult has translucent gold spots on the forewings and silvery bands on the hindwings.

DSCF7219 400copy

The adult Silver-spotted skipper occurs in fields, gardens and at forest edges. It ranges from southern Canada throughout most of the United States to northern Mexico; it is absent in the Great Basin and western Texas. Adults fly throughout the warm part of the year. They have one brood per year in the North and West, two in the East, and three or four in the Deep South.

DSCF7213 400copy

The larvae feed on legumes, many trees and shrubs but also some herbaceous plants. Their hosts include Lathyrus latifolius [Everlasting Sweet Pea], Asclepias_syriaca [Common Milkweed], Trifolium pratense [Red Clover], Cephalanthus, Liatris, Thistle.

Photos: Candler Park, Atlanta, Georgia, USA [20130812]

Source: Wikipedia

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