Clematis virginiana: Devil’s Darning Needles

DSCF7301 400copy

Clematis virginiana [Devil’s Darning Needles, Devil’s Hair, Love Vine, Traveller’s Joy, Virgin’s Bower, Virginia Virgin’s Bower, Wild Hops, and Woodbine] is a vine of the Ranunculaceae family native to the United States.

DSCF7299 400copy

The rationale for some of the common names is unclear, as they include examples normally applied to unrelated plants, including twining parasites [e.g. “devil’s hair” for Cuscuta]. The name “Love Vine”   applied to alleged aphrodisiacs, such as Caribbean species of Cassytha, which are unrelated to Clematis. This plant is an aggressively growing vine that can climb to heights of 10–20 ft. It grows on the edges of the woods, moist slopes, fence, in thickets and on stream banks. It produces white, fragrant flowers about an inch in diameter.

Photos: Candler ParkAtlantaGeorgiaUSA [20130812]

Source: Wikipedia


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