Lycoris radiata: Red spider lily


Lycoris radiata [red spider lily] is a plant in the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. Originally from China, it was introduced into Japan and from there to the United States and elsewhere. It flowers in the late summer or autumn, often in response to heavy rainfall.


The common name hurricane lily refers to this characteristic, as do other common names, such as resurrection lily; these may be used for the genus as a whole.

Lycoris radiata is a bulbous perennial. It normally flowers before the leaves fully appear, on stems 30–70 cm [12–28 in] tall. The leaves are parallel-sided, 0.5–1 cm [0.20–0.39 in] wide with a paler central stripe. The red flowers are arranged in umbels. Individual flowers are irregular, with narrow segments which curve backwards, and long projecting stamens.

Photos: iPhone5; St John’s Lutheran Church, Ponce de Leon Av., AtlantaGA. [20130801]

Source: Wikipedia

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