Anguloa × ruckeri: Tulip Orchid

Anguloa, commonly known as tulip orchids, is a small orchid genus closely related to Lycaste. Its abbreviation in horticulture is Ang. They named it in honor of Francisco de Angulo, a contemporary Peruvian who collected orchids as a hobby and by this way had become quite knowledgeable about these plants, assisting the botanists in their work.

Tulip orchids are rather large terrestrial and sometimes epiphytic plants with fleshy pseudobulbs longer than 20 cm. The long, lanceolate and plicate leaves of a full-grown Anguloa can be more than 1 m long. Two to four leaves grow from the base of each pseudobulb. The leaves are deciduous, and are shed at the start of each new growth.


^ Anguloa × ruckeri (A. clowesii × A. hohenlohii) (Venezuela)

The flowers of these orchids have a strong scent of cinnamon. They are of waxy appearance and are [in wild species] either of two colors, depending on the species – greenish white, or yellow to red.

Photo: Flower DomeGardens by the BaySingapore 20130516

Source: Wikipedia

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