Casuarius unappendiculatus : Northern Cassowary

The Northern Cassowary [Casuarius unappendiculatus] also known as the Single/One-wattled Cassowary or Golden-necked Cassowary, is a large, stocky flightless bird. The genus name Casuarius is derived from the Malay word kesuari or “cassowary”, while the species name unappendiculatus refers to the species’ single wattle.


It has hard and stiff black plumage, blue facial skin and a casque on top of the head. It has a bright red or yellow colored neck and wattle. The feet are huge and strong with long, dagger-like claw on its inner toe. The sexes are similar. The male, at 30 to 37 kg [66 to 82 lb], is smaller than female, at an average of 58 kg [128 lb]. Compared to the Southern Cassowary, the Northern Cassowary has a slightly shorter bill, but a slightly longer tarsal length.

Photo: Taman SafariBogorWest JavaIndonesia [20130423]

Source: Wikipedia


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