Annona squamosa: Sugar apple, Srikaya *

Annona squamosa a small well-branched tree or shrub that bears edible fruits called sugar-apples, species of the genus Annona and member of the family Annonaceae.


Annona squamosa is a small, semi deciduous, much branched shrub or small tree 3 metres [9.8 ft] to 8 metres [26 ft] tall, very similar to soursop [Annona muricata]. The fruit of Annona squamosa has delicious whitish pulp, and is popular in tropical markets.

It is widely distributed around the world Neotropic, Afrotropic, Australasia, Indomalaya and Palearctic‘s Mediteranian Basin.

* Indonesian name.

Photo: Mom’s garden, JakartaIndonesia [20130423]

Source: Wikipedia

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