Fritillaria meleagris: Snake’s head flower


Fritillaria meleagris is a species of flowering plant in the family Liliaceae. Its common names include snake’s head fritillary, snake’s head [the original English name], chess flower, frog-cup, guinea-hen flower, leper lily [because its shape resembled the bell once carried by lepers], Lazarus bell, checkered lily or, in northern Europe, simply fritillary.


The name Fritillarea comes from the latin fritillus meaning dice-box, and [possibly] referring to the chequered pattern on the flowers. The name meleagris means ‘spotted like a guinea fowl’. The common name “snake’s head” refers to the somewhat snakelike appearance of the green and brown nodding flower heads.  The flower has a chequered pattern in shades of green and purple, maroon, or is sometimes pure white.

Fritillaria meleagris is native to Europe but in many places it is an endangered species that is rarely found in the wild but is commonly grown in gardens.

Photos: Flower DomeGardens by the BaySingapore, 20130410/14

Source: Wikipedia

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