Ornithoptera priamus: Priam’s Birdwing Butterfly

Ornithoptera priamus, commonly known as the common green birdwing, Cape York Birdwing, Priam’s Birdwing or Northern Birdwing, is a widespread species of birdwing butterfly found in the central and south Moluccas, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Solomon Islands, and Northeast Australia.



The upperside fore wings are velvety black. There is a green [most races] subcostal stripe and a green [most races] marginal stripe bordering the termen, tormen and dorsum of the wing. The sex brand is black and longish.The underside of the forewing is black. There is a chain of bluish or green postdiscal spots.


The hind wings are green. At the wing leading edge [costa] there is a basal yellow-gold spots. There is also a postdiscal chain of black spots. The edge of the hind wing is black.

The underside is dark-green or bluish. The yellow – golden spots are transparent. The veins are partly black and the marginal edge of wing is black. At the outer edge there is a postdiscal chain of black spots.

The body [abdomen] is yellow. Head and thorax are black. The underside of thorax has a red hair-coat.




Ornithoptera priamus is sexually dimorphic. The female is larger than the male and in the upper range of the wing-span. The basic colour of the female is dark-brown. There is a chain of white postdiscal spots on the fore wings. There is a chain of larger white postdiscal spots with dark centers on the hindwing. The underside is very similar to the upper.

Photos: Sentosa Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, Singapore [20130404]

Source: Wikipedia


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