Osteoglossum ferreirai: Black arowana

The black arowana, Osteoglossum ferreirai, is a freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae, commonly kept in aquaria. Its natural habitat are the still waters of the Negro River basin [Brazil and Colombia] and the upper Essequibo River basin [Guyana] in South America.

It has a long body and a tapered tail and can grow to a maximum size of 90 centimetres [35 in]. The species is also called water monkey or the monkey fish, because it can literally jump out of the water and capture its prey. It usually swims near the water surface awaiting for potential prey. Although it has been known to eat larger prey like small bats and birds and even small monkeys, their main diets consist of shrimps, insects, smaller fishes and other animals that float on the water surface, on which its draw-bridge-like mouth is exclusively adapted for feeding.

S0171842 400copy  S0071812 400copy

Arowana daily token feeding is at 11.30 am by the Free-Ranging Orang Utan Island, Singapore Zoo. A keeper will put a fish on a stick about 1 meter above the water surface and several Arowana will jump to get the treat. Amazing to watch how they can jump out of water to “catch their prey”.

Photos: Singapore ZooSingapore, 20130320

Source:  Wikipedia

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