Catopsilia scylla cornelia: Orange Emigrant

Catopsilia scylla, the Orange Migrant or Orange Emigrant, is a species of butterfly with a wide distribution in South East Asia and Australasia. Adults are approximately 60–65 millimetres [2.4–2.6 in] long.

DSCF0600 400copy

The subspecies Catopsilia scylla etesia [originally described as Catopsilia etesia] is known in Australia as the Orange Migrant. Elsewhere, the species is called the Orange Emigrant. Other subspecies include Catopsilia scylla praerubida, Catopsilia scylla sidra, Catopsilia scylla cornelia, Catopsilia scylla asema, Catopsilia scylla bangkeiana and Catopsilia scylla moluccarum.

Photos: Oh FarmsSingapore, 20130129

Source: Wikipedia

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