Acraea violae: Tawny Coster Butterfly

S0106155 400copy1

^ Photo taken @ Dhoby Ghaut Green [20140713]

DSCN7709 400copy

Tawny Coster [Acraea violae] is a small butterfly which is common in grassland and scrub habitats. It belongs to the Nymphalidae or brush-footed butterfly family.

DSCN7772 400copy

DSCN7696 400copy

The butterflies of this subfamily are characterized by a perfectly flat hind wing and by having the cells of both wings closed by tubular veins. Their behavior is sluggish, and, like those of sub-family Danainae, they have a leathery body and are tenacious of life.


DSCN8862 400copy

^ Pupa of Tawny Coaster Butterfly @ Pasir Ris Park and Nature Reserve, Singapore [20160228]

Taxonomy note: Acraea terpsicore [Linnaeus, 1758] = Acraea violae [Fabricius, 1793]

Photos: Oh Farms, Singapore 20160222

Sources: Wikipedia;

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