Papilio demoleus malayanus: Lime Butterfly

DSCF0541 400copy


^ Plant: Sweet basil [Ocimum basilicum].

Papilio demoleus malayanus has many common names including Common Lime Butterfly, Lemon Butterfly, Lime Swallowtail, Small Citrus Butterfly, Chequered Swallowtail, Dingy Swallowtail, Citrus Swallowtail.

DSCF0544 400copy

Papilio demoleus malayanus is a common and widespread butterfly in Singapore. It gets its common names from its host plants, which are citrus species:  Citrus aurantifolia [Key Lime], Citrus grandis [Pomelo]. Unlike most swallowtail butterflies, it does not have a prominent tail.


Photos: Oh Farms & Butterfly Garden, HortPark, Singapore, 20130126

Source: Wikipedia


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