Rudbeckia fulgida: Orange Coneflower

Rudbeckia fulgida [Orange Coneflower] is a perennial plant native to eastern North America. Rudbeckia fulgida are perennial herbaceous plants growing up to 120 cm tall, growing from rosettes that develop at the end of stolons.

In the garden, this plant spreads aggressively by both stoloniferous stems and seed. The seeds are produced in fruits called cypselae, which are 2.2 to 4 mm long and have short coroniform pappi, 0.2 mm long. The ripe seed is a favorite food of finches in winter.


^ Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivanti “Little Goldstar”.

A true dwarf, Rudbeckia ‘Little Goldstar’ forms a bushy, short clump of rich green foliage covered with starburst-shaped golden yellow blossoms with dark centers. Standing only 16 inches high compared to taller, waist-high varieties. ‘Little Goldstar’ is very well branched and floriferous, excellent for mass color display in the sunny border. Consider leaving the seed heads over winter for songbirds. Plants attracting butterflies!

Photo: WNC Farmers MarketAshevilleNorth Carolina, 20121014
Source: Wikipedia,


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