Coreopsis verticillata: Thread-leaf Coreopsis


^ Coreopsis verticillata var. “Redshift”.

Coreopsis verticillata [thread-leaf coreopsis] is a species of flowering plant of the genus Coreopsis in the family Asteraceae, native to the southeastern United States. The common names are whorled coreopsis, thread-leaved tickseed, thread leaf coreopsis, and pot-of-gold.

Coreopsis verticillata is an herbaceous perennial that grows 2–3 ft [1–1 m] tall and about 2 ft [1 m] wide, although as it spreads laterally by rhizomes, this width can be exceeded. The stems are wiry. The flower heads are up to 2 in [51 mm] across, and both the disc florets and ray florets are bright yellow. The flowers are produced abundantly in clusters from midsummer to fall.
Coreopsis verticillata can commonly be found in dry, thin woods and open pinelands, preferring sites with full sun exposure. Its native range includes most of North America east of the Mississippi River.

Photo: WNC Farmers MarketAshevilleNorth Carolina, 20121014
Source: Wikipedia


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