Anthurium: Flamingo Flower

Anthurium is a large genus of about 600–800 species of flowering plants, belonging to the arum family [Araceae]. Anthurium can also be called “flamingo flower” or “boy flower”, both referring to the structure of the spathe [leaf like bract] and spadix.

Anthurium flowers are small [about 3 mm] and develop crowded in a spike on a fleshy axis, called a spadix, a characteristic of the Araceae. The flowers on the spadix are often divided sexually with a sterile band separating male from female flowers. This spadix can take on many forms [club-shaped, tapered, spiraled, and globe-shaped] and colors [white, green, purple, red, pink, or a combination].

Anthurium sp.: Inflorescence

The spadix is part of an inflorescence, the outer portion is called the spathe. The spathe may be a single color [yellow, green, or white] or possibly multicolored including burgundy and red.

^ Anthurium sp.: Unripe berries

The fruits are usually berries with one to multiple seeds on an infructescence that may be pendant or erect depending on species. Ripe Anthurium berries may range in colour from bright red to black, and may also be bicoloured or shaded.

Photos: Cloud ForestGBTBSingapore 20120629

Source: Wikipedia


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