Morpho peleides: Peleides Blue Morpho butterfly

DSCF7888 400copy

Morpho peleides common names are  Peleides Blue Morpho, Common Morpho, or The Emperor. Morpho peleides is an iridescent tropical butterfly found in Mexico, Central America, northern South America [including Paraguay and Trinidad].

DSCF7914 400copy

The brilliant blue color in the butterfly’s wings is caused by the diffraction of the light from millions of tiny scales on its wings. It uses this to frighten away predators, by flashing its wings rapidly. The wingspan of the Blue Morpho butterfly ranges from 7.5–20 cm [3.0–7.9 in].


The entire Blue Morpho butterfly lifecycle, from egg to adult is only 115 days.

Photos: Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, Callaway Gardens, GA.[20120808, 20130901]

Source: Wikipedia


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