Lagerstroemia: Crepe Myrtle


Lagerstroemia, commonly known as Crape myrtle or Crepe myrtle, is a genus of around 50 species of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs native to the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Northern Australia and parts of Oceania, cultivated in warmer climates around the world.


Various species and cultivars are able to fill a wide variety of landscape needs with the following characteristics: Dwarf, Dwarf Upright, Dwarf Groundcover, Dwarf Mound, Small Dwarf, Semi-dwarf, Miniature, Miniature Weeping, Low Spreading, Open Spreading, Upright, Upright Vase, Upright Small Tree, Broad Upright, Strong, Upright, Broad Tall Tree, Small Tree, Compact, Compact Upright, Compact Globose, Globose, Low Globose, Pendulous Globose, Open Arching, Broad Vase, Broad Spreading, Broad Crown, etc.


Crepe myrtles are mainly known for their colorful and long-lasting flowers.


Photos: Various Myrtles around me, Atlanta, 20120727/28

Source: Wikipedia 


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