Clerodendrum paniculatum: Pagoda Flower


Clerodendrum paniculatum also known as Pagoda Flower, Orange Tower Flower, Clerodendron, originated from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.


Clerodendrum paniculatum is  an upright, open semiwoody shrub with large evergreen leaves and orange-red, inflorescence flowers. Each tiny flower has a long tube and protruding stamens. The flowers are grouped in clusters and arranged in tiers like a pagoda held above the foliage.


^ Clerodendrum paniculatum alba, white variety. [Butterfly Park, Sentosa, 20120407]

Flowers of Clerodendrum paniculatum attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

This plant also has some medicinal properties; crushed leaves are used in the treatment of dysentery; roots contains an antidote for certain snake bites; a paste of the leaves applied to infected burns.

One can find Clerodendrum paniculatum in many gardens and parks in Singapore, planted for its ornamental value.

Photos: Heritage Garden, Malay; GBTB, Singapore 201207

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