Miltoniopsis Lennart Karl Gottling ‘Red Rim’ Orchid


Miltoniopsis, abbreviated Mltnps in horticultural trade, is a genus of orchids. It consists of 5 species, native to Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. They are named after Lord Fitzwilliam Milton, an English orchid enthusiast. Miltoniopsis’s common name is Pansy Orchid.


^ Miltoniopsis Lennart Karl Gottling ‘Red Rim’

Miltoniopsis orchids are cool growers. Often called “The Pansy Orchid,” many of them have a wonderful fresh fragrance.

Although the flowers are similar, Mitoniopsis differs from Miltonia by having one leaf to each  pseudobulb, and a lobed column that is united to the labellum through a keel. In addition, the column is not concave at the base.

I. N. Komoda Orchids, Inc. is a small orchid nursery in Makawao, Upcountry Maui. The nursery specializes in Miltoniopsis, more commonly known as the “Pansy Orchid” and other unique orchid genera. Owner Ivan Komoda’s passion is the creation of new hybrids, which are nationally and internationally recognized.

Photos: Singapore Garden Festival 2012Singapore 20120712

Source: Wikipedia


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