Miltoniopsis ‘Claret Punch’ Orchid

Miltoniopsis, abbreviated Mltnps in horticultural trade, is a genus of orchids. It consists of 5 species, native to Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. They are named after Lord Fitzwilliam Milton, an English orchid enthusiast. Miltoniopsis’s common name is Pansy Orchid.


^ Miltoniopsis ‘Claret Punch’ has deep dark red-maroon-puple.

Although the flowers are similar, Mitoniopsis differs from Miltonia by having one leaf to each pseudobulb, and a lobed column that is united to the labellum through a keel. In addition, the column is not concave at the base.

Photo: Singapore Garden Festival 2012Singapore 20120712

Source: Wikipedia


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