Mussaenda philippica: White Mussaenda

Mussaenda philippica also known as White Mussaenda, Tropical Dogwood, Virgin Tree, Buddah’s Lamp, is a shrub or small tree, 3-5 m tall, and more or less hairy, or nearly smooth. Member of family Rubiaceae [Coffee family] cultivated as garden ornament. The leaves are dark green 6-14 cm in length, pointed at both ends, and furnished with stipules about 4 mm long.


The flowers are borne in small numbers in terminal, hairy cymes. They are yellow, hairy, about 2 cm long and enlarged upward. The sepal cup is about 7 mm long. The 4-8 cm long white bracts are more ’showy‘ than the flowers. White Mussaenda is native to Southeast Asia.


Cyme: an arrangement of flowers in a plant inflorescence

Photo: HortPark, Singapore 20120526

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