Attacus atlas: Atlas Moth

The Atlas moth [Attacus atlas] is a large saturniid moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia. Atlas moths are considered the largest moths in the world with wingspan reaching over 25 cm [10 in]. Females are appreciably larger and heavier.


Atlas moths are said to be named after either the Titan of Greek mythology, or their map-like wing patterns. Atlas moths are predominantly tawny to maroon in color with roughly triangular, diaphanous [transparent] “eyes” on both forewing and hindwing, bordered in black.

Mating couple.

Male [left] Atlas moths are distinguished from females by their smaller size.

Photo: Penang Butterfly Farm, 20010601

Source: Wikipedia


One response to “Attacus atlas: Atlas Moth

  1. Ahaaaaa……kupu rama-rama, jenis ngengat raksasa tapi biasanya orangmenyebut dengan kupu-kupu. Ulatnya juga cukup besar. Ayo Rita ke Bandung kita ke taman kupu-kupu di Bandung, ada kupu-kupu raja dari papua juga loh! dan itu termasuk kupu-kupu langka.

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