Clerodendrum x speciosum: Red Bleeding Heart

Clerodendrum is a genus of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae. Its common names include glorybower, bagflower and bleeding-heart. It is currently classified in the subfamily Ajugoideae, being one of several genera transferred from Verbenaceae to Lamiaceae. The genus is native to tropical and warm temperate regions of the world, with most of the species occurring in tropical Africa and southern Asia, but with a few in the tropical Americas and northern Australasia, and a few extending north into the temperate zone in eastern Asia.


Clerodendrum x speciosum [Red Bleeding Heart, Java Glory Bean] is an evergreen twining shrub, planted as climbers on walls and arbors, has dull red flowers, with a slender tube to 2cm long, about 2cm across the spreading rounded lobes; long stamens well exerted from the tube; calyx bell-shaped, pinkish white, remaining colorful long after the flowers fall.

Photo: SBG, Singapore 20120328


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