Psychopsis Mariposa

Psychopsis or Oncidium?
Genus Psychopsis is an epiphytic orchid of Central and South America formerly included in genus Oncidium.

A group has extremely small pseudobulbs and stiff, erect, solitary leaves. These cylindrical leaves act as a water reserve. They have long racemes with yellow flowers that seem to fan out at the top. Sizes of these orchids can vary from miniature plants of a couple of centimetres to giants with 30 cm-long leaves and racemes of more than one meter long. This genus, known as the Mule-Ears, are classed as Psychopsis.


Psychopsis Mariposa is a primary Psychopsis hybrid [Hybrid Classification: Seed Parent = Psychopsis kalihi [ Psychopsis krameriana × Psychopsis papilio] ; Pollen Parent = Psychopsis papilio]

Photo: National Orchid Garden, Singapore 20120328


The above photo was mentioned in previous post Oncidium: Dancing Lady Orchids as Oncidium Kalihi.



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