Blechnum gibbum: Dwarf tree fern


The common names for Blechnum gibbum are the ‘Dwarf tree fern’ or ‘Silver Lady’. The name ‘Silver Lady’ comes from a cultivar that is widely distributed across North America. The name gibbom has arisen because mature plants develop a small stout trunk 1 m [3 ft] high. The species can be found growing across the pacific islands including Fiji, Hawaii and New Caledonia.

Blechnum gibbum makes an attractive specimen and can often be found under glass in tropical plant displays across the world. They have bright green dimorphic fronds that can reach up to 60cm [2ft] in length.


Ferns do not produce flowers, but reproduce from spores that form on the undersides of their fronds. These spore-bearing structures are often mistaken for scales or some other insects. Some ferns produce two types of fronds. One is a sterile frond with the characteristic fern-shape, and the other often appearing as a stalk with tiny beads packed together bearing the reproductive spores.

Photos; SGB, Singapore 20120519

Source: Forest Ferns, East Texas Gardening


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