Thunbergia laurifolia: Blue Trumpet Vine

Thunbergia laurifolia [Blue Trumpet Vine, Laurel clock vine, Akar Ketuau, Thunbergia] is native to India and from Indochina to Malaysia.


Thunbergia laurifolia leaves are opposite, heart-shaped with serrated leaf margin and taper to a pointed tip. Flowers are not scented and borne on pendulous inflorescences. The hermaphrodite [a reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes ] flower is trumpet-shaped with a short broad tube, white outside and yellowish inside. The corolla is pale blue in color with 5–7 petals, one larger than the others.


The plant flowers almost continuously throughout the year with flowers opening early in the morning and aborting in the evening of the same day. Carpenter bees are frequent visitors, creeping into the flowers for pollen and nectar while black ants are present probably as nectar scavengers.

Photos: SBG, Singapore 20120519

Source: Wikipedia


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