Ananas Nanus: Miniature Pineapple

Ananas Nanus is a member of Bromeliaceae family, originated from Northern Brazil to Suriname region. Cultivated as ornamental plants. It requires full sun or bright filtered light to grow well.


The plant will grow to a maximum height of 1.5 m [5 f] with a miniature inedible pineapple about 8cm/3″ in size on top of a stem.


The pink-red spike-like inflorescence has 30-60 spirally arranged, trimerous flowers, each subtended by a bract. Flower colors vary from lavender through light purple, blue to red.   Leaves are waxy, long, thin, in rosettes, with spiny tips and usually prickly edges.

Photos: Kebun Raya Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. 20061031; SBG, Singapore 20120519

Source: Wikipedia


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