Xanthostemon chrysanthus: Golden Penda tree

Xanthostemon chrysanthus, commonly known as the Golden Penda, is endemic to North Queensland. It is a popular garden plant with showy yellow blooms. The species name is derived from the Ancient Greek words chrysos = golden, and anthos = flower.


Growing as a tree to 10 or 15 m [35–50 ft] high and 5–8 m [15–25 ft] in the wild but generally much more compact in home gardens. The bark is rough and the habit bushy, the shiny green elliptic leaves measuring 7–22 cm long by 2–9.5 cm wide. They are arranged in whorls along the stems.


The flowerheads, or racemes, are terminal or axillary and measure up to 15 cm [6 in] in diameter. They are made up of numerous small [1–2 cm diameter] individual golden flowers. Flowering is followed by small [1-1,5 cm] green or brown woody capsules. Flowers can appear at any time of year.

Here is the Pink Penda tree, taken at Flona 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia.

DSCF3827 400copy

Photos: SFGreen, Singapore 20120513; Flona 2014, JakartaIndonesia[20140612]

Source: Wikipedia


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